Gracie Gumm

by Cricket

April 7, 2019

Gracie is one of my Class of 2019, Spokesmodels. I tell her that I think of her as a Barbie Doll every time I’m with her! I loved playing Barbies while I was growing up. I loved the fun fashion of their clothes, their makeup, hair, and fixing up their townhouse! I would even pick little, wild flowers from the grass to make arrangements for them on their tables.

Before I packed up my Barbies for good, I got each of them dressed up in my favorite outfits for them, set up a backdrop, and took lots of pictures! These are precious memories for me! The best part is….I’M STILL PLAYING BARBIES! My Seniors dress up in their favorite outfits, get their hair and makeup done, pick their locations, then we go take lots of pictures while making some of the best memories ever! I am truly BLESSED!

When I found out that my Barbie, I mean Gracie, was elected Homecoming Queen of Merrol Hyde Magnet School, I knew she needed beautiful pictures with her dress and crown! Here are just a few of my favorites!

I’m so proud of you Miss Gracie Gumm!

Thank you for letting me share such fun memories with you and allowing me to continue PLAYING BARBIES!



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