Dalton and Mekenna

by Cricket

March 22, 2019

Hey friends!

We have had so much rain here in Tennessee this winter and finally spring is showing it’s beautiful face! I met with Dalton and Mekenna this past Sunday to capture Engagement photos for them, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

Dalton and Mekenna met in college and are getting married this September. Dalton is working with his family’s business and Mekenna is a nurse. They are not only one of the Most Beautiful Couples Ever…they are also just as sweet and fun to spend time with!

If you have ever wondered what you should wear to your Engagement Session, well look no further than this highlight of Dalton and Mekenna’s Engagement Session! I just love it when my Bride to be wears a flowing dress. There is just so much we can do to show off her femininity and beauty with movement during our time together! And to top it off… when the Groom to be shows up with a sports coat on, I know instantly that this couple is here for epic photos and I’m ready to deliver just that!

I love scheduling for Golden Hour to be the last part of our session! We had to wait on it for a few minutes, but it was definitely worth the wait!

They began as my clients… now they’re my Friends! Dalton and Mekenna, thank you again for asking me to capture such sweet memories with you! May God bless your relationship forever and always!


Cricket 🙂

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