My new website has launched!

by Cricket

April 13, 2017

Hey friends!

I am so happy that you have found your way to my new website.  I have been working on it for the last couple of months, and now I know why others have a professional create if for them!  lol!  Thankfully I didn’t pull “all” of my hair out, and I became good friends with the little man (who lives inside of my computer) that helped me along the way!  (Thanks Field!)  The most impressive part of it all is….I LAUNCHED IT YESTERDAY!….BY ACCIDENT!  I must have hit the publish button or something?  Whatever the case, I know it’s probably for the best because I think I may have waited forever.  Waiting for what you might ask, well for PERFECTION of course.

Yesterday I read a quote from a photographer that I admire and this is what she said, “God came before you and paved the path for this opportunity, and He equipped you with everything that you need.  He gave you information to share and talents to use for His goodness.  He did not gift you those things to be hidden or kept inside because of fear of it being imperfect.  He built you, piece by piece, to serve the exact purpose that you are serving right now.  And the world needs you to just do it.  Forget about perfection, because that’s not what the world needs from you.”  This was definitely something I needed to hear, and I’m sharing in hopes that it will bless you too.

This is my first blog ever!  I will spend most of them sharing my sessions and wonderful clients with you.  For this first one I will share my most recent session with my daughter, Brynn.  I am thankful for her patience and love, because most of my sessions with her consist of most of my trials and errors.  I am always wanting to learn and try new things, because practice makes PERFECT, right?  Well maybe not perfect, but it has definitely helped me to become a better person and photographer than I was the day before.   Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day!

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